Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is chiefly responsible for fiscal oversight and accountability, strategic planning, fundraising, and evaluating and supporting the Executive Director. Board Members are also involved in the organization’s operations through service on committees, fundraising activities, and involvement in campaigns and special projects.

Whenever possible, Board decisions are made by consensus, but can also be reached by majority rule. The Project's board members serve for two-year terms and officers serve one-year terms. Board members and officers are voted on by the entire board at the organization's annual meeting in January.

Thank you to our dedicated board members!

Tori E. Currier - Chair
Thomas Armstrong - Vice Chair
Bruce Phillips - Treasurer
Victor Arias
Omar Bah
Patrick Crowley

Jeffrey Dana, Esq.
Jocelyne de Gouvenain
Mayra De La Roca
Erica Ferdinandi

Mary L. Hitt
Pattie Horton
Jhonny Leyva
Lynette Lopes
Cata Mckinnon
Andrea Riquetti-Salvatore
Bill Scott
Mary T. Seccareccia
Allyson Trenteseaux