Working Lead-Safe In Providence: What does this mean for me?

paint_bucket2Beginning September 15, 2011, the Providence Department of Inspection and Standards will require all building permit applicants to prove they are trained and licensed to conduct work in compliance with Rhode Island's lead paint safety laws, or that their work is exempt from these requirements. 

If you are already trained and licensed to perform work on pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities, you will simply need to bring your Lead-Safe Remodeler/Renovator License (or a higher level of certification) with you when you apply for a building permit. This is the same license that you are required to have with you on the job.

If you are not yet in compliance with the law, there are three steps you need to take: get trained, get licensed, and work lead-safe!

Step One: Get Trained
Contractors, painters, and other workers must complete an eight-hour Lead-Safe Remodeler/Renovator training. You must take this class from a training provider accredited by the Rhode Island Department of Health:
  • Childhood Lead Action Project: 401-785-1310
  • Community College of Rhode Island: 401-455-6129
  • Lead Safe Inspections and Consulting, Inc.: 401-475-5858
  • New England Institute of Technology: 401-467-7744
  • Rhode Island Builders Association: 401-438-7400
  • Rhode Island Carpenters Apprenticeship and Training Fund: 508-792-5443
  • Rhode Island Lead Technicians, Inc.: 401-438-9988
  • The Finishing Trades Institute of Southern New England: (860) 829-1225
  • Vortex Inc. Environmental Mgmt Co.: 401-738-7710

Step Two: Get Licensed
After you successfully finish the training, you can apply to the Department of Health to be a licensed Lead-Safe Remodeler/Renovator. If you and your company have not done this before, you will need to fill out two forms: one for your individual license and another for your company's certification as a Lead Hazard Control Firm. All individuals must be associated with a certified Lead Hazard Control Firm. You must renew your license and certification every five years after completing a four-hour refresher course. You can get these application forms online:

Step Three: Work Lead-Safe
To read more about working in compliance with RI's Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, click here. Thank you for doing your part to protect yourself, your workers, and our city's residents!