water-action07aOver the years, the Childhood Lead Action Project has been a leader in educating the community about lead poisoning prevention. Our grassroots approach to lead poisoning prevention outreach and education is unique in Rhode Island. Our methods are creative, highly effective, and tailored to the needs and culture of each community we work in. We reach the community through door-to-door outreach, targeted mailings, “lead-safe” house parties (like tupperware parties, but for lead poisoning prevention), educational presentations, and partnerships with enforcement and social service agencies.

The current focus of our outreach work is getting the word out about lead remediation programs available to property owners in high-risk neighborhoods in Providence, RI. We have bilingual staff fluent in both English and Spanish working full-time to get the word out about lead remediation programs to property owners in high-risk neighborhoods throughout Providence. 

Past activities and accomplishments include:

  • On-going training of thousands of parents, community leaders, service providers, property managers and contractors statewide with comprehensive lead poisoning prevention education.
  • Designing and implementing neighborhood-based lead poisoning prevention education, outreach and public awareness campaigns for municipalities, including East Providence, Providence, Woonsocket and Central Falls.
  • Providing information and referral services to the community on a wide range of lead poisoning issues, including financing for lead hazard reduction, screening sites, legal rights and lead-safe housing availability.
  • Convening statewide conferences bringing together health and social service providers, lawmakers, attorneys, environmental advocates, housing specialists and parents to collaborate on innovative strategies for eliminating childhood lead poisoning.
  • Producing "Be Lead Aware", a Lead Poisoning Prevention Resource Guide. This is a one-stop guide to lead poisoning; a first in the state!