Resources for Homeowners

If you own a pre-1978 home, you need to learn about lead poisoning prevention! Fortunately, Rhode Island has many resources to help you keep your family or tenants safe.

Grants, Loans, and Tax Credits for Lead Hazard Reduction

  • If you live in Providence, contact us to find out whether you qualify for grants and loans under the Providence Lead Hazard Reduction Program. Call our Community Educator, Sojaili Gomez, at 401-785-1310, ext. 206, or email her at sojaili at leadsafekids dot org.
  • If you live elsewhere in Rhode Island, contact Rhode Island Housing to find out if you are eligible for grants and loans their Lead Safe Homes program.
  • 2011 Residential Lead Abatement Tax Credit form (RI-6238)  for Lead Hazard Mitigation or Abatement.

Legal Responsibilities

If you own a rental property built before 1978, you have many legal responsiblities related to lead. In Rhode Island, most landlords are required to take the Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar, which teaches you about how to follow the law and protect your tenants.

Fact Sheets & Brochures

•   Guidelines to Prevent Retaliatory Evictions

•   Guide to Lead Safety in Historic Buildings in RI

•   A Property Owner's Guide to Lead Inspection Services in RI

•   EPA Pamphlet- Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home

•   EPA Tenant Disclosure Notification

•   EPA Seller Disclosure Notification

•   EPA Pamphlet - Protect your Family From Lead in Your Home - Spanish

•   For New Owners (Spanish Version)

•   For Current Owners (Spanish Version)

•   For Owners of Ten or more properties

•   Resource Fact Sheet

•   Tenant's Rights and Responsibilities


•   Application for Presumptive Compliance

•   Notice of Deteriorating Conditions

•   Notice of Deteriorating Conditions (Version En Espanol)

•   Affadavit of Completion of Visual Inspection

•   Affadavit of Completion of Visual Inspection (Version En Espanol)

•  Application of Variance