Resources for Tenants

If you're a tenant in Rhode Island, you have a right to live in housing safe from lead hazards! Most landlords are required by law to have your apartment inspected for lead hazards before you move in, to fix any lead problems that are there, and to get a certificate that proves your apartment is safe.

If your landlord needs help paying for lead remediation in your apartment, tell them to read this page about grants, loans, and tax credits for lead hazard reduction.

If your landlord is refusing to fix problems in your apartment, contact Rhode Island Legal Services at 401-274-2652 or the Rhode Island Center for Law and Public Policy at 401-921-5988. These agencies can give you free legal help if you meet their income eligibility requirements.

The following links provide more information about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in Rhode Island. Also be sure to check out our links for parents.

Tenants' Rights and Resources Pamphlets

Lead Poisoning Prevention Laws and Policies