Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar

peeling4aOur Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar is certified by the Housing Resources Commission and intended to help owners of pre-1978 rental properties comply with the law and prevent lead poisoning. Take the class online today!

Please note that although this training has been certified by the RI Department of Business Regulation as a realtor CEU/required course in the past, it is not currently certified for realtors. Please direct all questions to RI Housing Resources Commission at (401) 222-4892, the agency overseeing the creation of a new course for realtors.

What is the seminar?

The 3-hour Lead Hazard Awareness Seminar provides you with information about how to control lead hazards in rental units. The Lead Hazard Mitigation Act requires most owners of pre-1978 rental property to take this class. We offer the class class online in English and in person in both English and Spanish.

Why is the seminar required?

The Lead Hazard Mitigation Act is designed to provide all Rhode Island residents with access to housing that is adequately maintained. The Act sets minimum standards that will help keep properties safe and healthy for residents, and will improve the overall housing stock in Rhode Island.

What do I need to do?

The Lead Hazard Mitigation Act requires that most owners of rental properties built before 1978, or your designee, meet the following requirements:

  • Attend a Lead Hazard Awareness Class
  • Conduct a visual assessment of your rental property
  • Fix lead hazards on your rental property
  • Have an Independent Clearance Inspection in order to obtain a Certificate of Conformance for your rental unit(s)
  • Give tenants information about lead hazards and a copy of the Inspection Report
  • Respond to tenant concerns, perform regular maintenance on your rental unit(s), and keep your Certificate of Conformance current

Meeting these requirements will ensure that your units are properly maintained and safe for tenants.

Click here for lead hazard mitigation fact sheets, brochures, applications, and forms.